• Ebay is essentially an ecommerce platform but since it offers users to buy sell old products as well so it can be classified as classifieds advertising platform. Even if it seems like classified website but it is still not because here only people can buy and sell products but on most classifieds advertising websites people can find services, jobs, vehicles, home appliances, matrimonial services, education and classes and many other different categories.

    Classified websites are one place for all types of promotion where as ecommerce is just for selling and buying and there is no promotion of any type. Posting ads on ebay is a headaceful job because there are several types of criteria for every person and not all the people can directly buy and sell on ebay but this is not the case with classifieds like craigstlist, olx and other popular websites. The reason behind classifieds are not like ecommerce because classifieds websites provides free space to their users.

    Any user can easily publish as much ads as they want because mostly classified websites are free classifieds websites where nobody have to pay any amount to promote any type of product, services, or anything else. Since classifieds advertising websites are purely for promotional purpose there will be many people who might be looking for a list of classified websites but always find a few websites.

    Well, finding a classified website is quite easy now a day because most classified websites are easy to find because of their popularity but there are several less popular classifieds websites which might not be easy to find. You can also read the guide on how to find a list of classified websites to post unlimited number of classified ads for ad posting as well as for promotion. There are many companies who hire candidates to promote their ads on various types of classified websites. 

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  • Classifieds websites are a medium to endorse your businesses online. With these sites having lakhs of registered users, placing advertisements in these websites are a plus in creating and increasing brand awareness to the potential customers’ i.e. better visibility in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is achieved. The mentioned fact being the major benefit of classified websites in SEO, we further state a few more benefits.

    First and foremost, they are free to use. No charges are taken for the registration or for the placement of advertisements. They do have the option of premium classifieds if you wish to opt for it in which there are fees associated.  Secondly, it is very easy to register and place the ad on these websites.

    Thirdly, the users can sell off used goods too in such sites. As a result, you can dispose of the used goods of your household and get some monetary benefits from it too. Next, these ads bring in organic results. Hence, there is an enhancement of your business’s SEO. Furthermore, these free classifieds help to get a backlink for your business website due to which traffic can drive towards your websites.

    Such advertising is becoming an integral part of a business, especially small businesses. It aids to promote the business and there are no hassles involved. They are vital for relevant website traffic too. They are also advantageous for the conduction of market testing, the introduction of new services as well as products and to generate a good number of sales leads. Consequently, they are quick in getting inquiries from potential customers.

    Without the investment of any money and much time, such websites are effective tools for getting leads on prospective customers. The users log in to their accounts and come across your advertisement if they are searching in that category for an item to purchase. Quora has a lot of user opinions on the benefits of classifieds websites in SEO.

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  • Global free classifieds giant, with a presence in almost 100 countries is an online platform where after a simple registration process, both the seller and buyer can buy and sell both old and new products and services. The registration process is simple and the website is easy to operate even by a novice user of the internet. A lot of individuals have expressed their experiences of the sale and purchase of items on this site on sites like Quora.

    There a number of categories and sub-categories in which a seller can place the advertisements for sell. The buyers have the same number of options to look out of the things to buy. Among the various categories available on OLX for the various Indian cities it operates in including OLX Mumbai, houses are an option too. There are thousands of postings of houses on sale and rent on OLX. The interested parties can contact the person who has posted that particular ad and they can meet at the contact address to have a view of the said house. If the eventual buyer likes the place, both parties can work on the final details further-on.

    Always put in the correct details and descriptions of the phone in the description section when placing the advertisement. The year of make should be also written as it informs prospective buyers on how old that particular phone is. Any defects like scratches on the phone screen should be mentioned clearly. Another important aspect to remember while you post free ads of such or any other sales is that photographs should be added. The photographs should not be blurry. This also helps the prospective buyers to think about all the detailed descriptions mentioned and then make that call to the seller.

    OLX is headquartered in Argentina and until date, lakhs of transactions have been conducted by the users all over India. They have numerous categories on which they permit the sale and purchase of both items and services. Registered users also post job vacancies on this site.  If you are planning to purchase an old phone in Gurgaon via OLX, then you can go through the FAQ on the official site in detail.

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  • Over a career, everyone is bound to come across opportunities in full-time employment as well as freelancing. These are two different sides of working for better pay and experience. Nowadays, you can see college students searching for freelancing jobs through free classifieds. At the same time, there are dozens of freelancers looking for online jobs in India for switching to full-time employment everyday.

    This creates confusion over what trump what? Many consider freelancing as the most desirable way of working, while others think full-time jobs are the best way to grow their career. So, let’s put this debate to rest.

    What is Freelance Work?

    To understand freelance work, we can consider a simple scenario. After completing a course, training or qualified education, a person adopts abilities and skills. Confident enough, a person can use these skills and create a service independently. For example, a person skilled in designing graphics can work on a contract basis with any company that seeks good designs. That’s how one becomes a freelancer.

    What is Full-Time Job?

    Full-time job is relatively easy to define. You apply for a 9 to 5 job in a company, get selected, onboard yourself and start working routinely. You commute to your workplace and deliver results through your skills and abilities.

    Full-Time Job vs Freelance

    Let’s bring down the conversation to the difference between freelance job and full-time job. Starting with pros, freelance has fewer rules and more liberty for the professionals. Platforms such as Freelancer or UpWork are always on the look for skilled people. Full-time jobs are always linear in nature, but more secure in terms of pay and nature of work.

    The cons of freelancing are more in depth, because there’s always a few openings to grab. Also, the pay is variable and unreliable. This goes opposite for full-time jobs, but working day in and day out by doing the same tasks could displease many.

    Eventually, one can simply put a rest to this debate and find a solution mid-way. That means, work as a full-time employee on weekdays and grab some freelance work for weekends or free-time.

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  • To explain the different between SEO content writing and General content writing I will give you some great examples which can differentiate the two. Both are almost similar type of content writing but the only difference is that SEO content writing is fairly for search engine but for general content writing can be for any purpose. SEO content often includes a keyword for which the content has been written and to optimize in search engine.

    Most SEO companies often get their content written by the content writer or some companies outsource content to the best content writing services providers because they want content anyway. For marketing companies, it is very common to purchase content for SEO because they often promote products, brands, websites on the internet which is why they often purchase SEO content but for those who don’t have to do anything with SEO should consider general content.

    General content could be written for various different purposes like for brochure, banners, offline content, books, magazines, etc. But in opposite the SEO content is being used for news, articles, blogs, ecommercefree classifieds etc. Most companies often do their brand marketing for which they often require SEO content because that is more suitable for internet marketing. There are couple of different content marketing and different types of advertising networks just like classified website.

    There are several paid content advertising options just like press release, content advertising, blog promotion, guest posting etc. were content is the most important part. You can either choose an advertising platform like TaboolaPinterest or classified websites. All these platforms have some advantages over others because those seems right but are different from each other. Most content writers often write all these types of content because they get all types of clients which is why most experience writers often aware of all types of content categories and types.

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