• difference between ebay and classifieds websites

    Ebay is essentially an ecommerce platform but since it offers users to buy sell old products as well so it can be classified as classifieds advertising platform. Even if it seems like classified website but it is still not because here only people can buy and sell products but on most classifieds advertising websites people can find services, jobs, vehicles, home appliances, matrimonial services, education and classes and many other different categories.

    Classified websites are one place for all types of promotion where as ecommerce is just for selling and buying and there is no promotion of any type. Posting ads on ebay is a headaceful job because there are several types of criteria for every person and not all the people can directly buy and sell on ebay but this is not the case with classifieds like craigstlist, olx and other popular websites. The reason behind classifieds are not like ecommerce because classifieds websites provides free space to their users.

    Any user can easily publish as much ads as they want because mostly classified websites are free classifieds websites where nobody have to pay any amount to promote any type of product, services, or anything else. Since classifieds advertising websites are purely for promotional purpose there will be many people who might be looking for a list of classified websites but always find a few websites.

    Well, finding a classified website is quite easy now a day because most classified websites are easy to find because of their popularity but there are several less popular classifieds websites which might not be easy to find. You can also read the guide on how to find a list of classified websites to post unlimited number of classified ads for ad posting as well as for promotion. There are many companies who hire candidates to promote their ads on various types of classified websites. 

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