• SEO Content Writing VS General Content Writing

    To explain the different between SEO content writing and General content writing I will give you some great examples which can differentiate the two. Both are almost similar type of content writing but the only difference is that SEO content writing is fairly for search engine but for general content writing can be for any purpose. SEO content often includes a keyword for which the content has been written and to optimize in search engine.

    Most SEO companies often get their content written by the content writer or some companies outsource content to the best content writing services providers because they want content anyway. For marketing companies, it is very common to purchase content for SEO because they often promote products, brands, websites on the internet which is why they often purchase SEO content but for those who don’t have to do anything with SEO should consider general content.

    General content could be written for various different purposes like for brochure, banners, offline content, books, magazines, etc. But in opposite the SEO content is being used for news, articles, blogs, ecommercefree classifieds etc. Most companies often do their brand marketing for which they often require SEO content because that is more suitable for internet marketing. There are couple of different content marketing advertising networks just like classified website.

    There are several paid content advertising options just like press release, content advertising, blog promotion, guest posting etc. were content is the most important part. You can either choose an advertising platform like TaboolaPinterest or classified websites. All these platforms have some advantages over others because those seems right but are different from each other. Most content writers often write all these types of content because they get all types of clients which is why most experience writers often aware of all types of content categories and types.

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